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A couple of careers that many young students find interesting are engineering and legal assisting.

Students interested in an engineering program will need to compete with others as entrance requirements to most engineering degree programs is somewhat competitive. Once admitted, students will need to work hard and decide upon which area of engineering they are most interested in. There are very few online programs for engineering, almost all are traditional campus based programs.

Legal assistants, or paralegals, do much of the day-to-day work that lawyers used to do. A paralegal works closely alongside an attorney and that attorney's support staff. Paralegals write up a lot of paper and work under a lot of pressure to complete their work quickly and mistake-free. It's not an easy job. But if you like the idea of working in a law office and you don't want to be an attorney or a legal secretary, this might be the job for you. Find out more.

One career that has very popular with a lot of young students for the past three decades is photography. Now, since the advent of digital photography, it has become easier to take and process quick photos, and photographers have to know a lot about digital editing and processing these days, but there is still a market for individuals who have a great eye for subjects and framing, as well as the patience to wait for the perfect shot.

Want to go to school online? A lot more people are doing it these days. Going to class online might not be as much fun as the college classroom environment can sometimes be, but it sure is more convenient. If you think you might like online study, see some good options.

Not all career fields are served well by online classes. Some topics are best learned in a classroom. For example, it's hard to conduct science lab experiments through an online course. But many topics are easily taught through a computer screen. See local classes that have an online option.

And many technical trades, such as plumbing, heating and cooling repair, electrician, and others are just easily to learn in a hands-on classroom. You can read about and learn the basics through an online course, but you need to get the actual experience in a classroom.

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