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Outside of Illinois, there are good options for students in other states. Virginia has some nice online degree options, as does the state of Florida. Most large state universities now have some online course options for their enrolled students.

Many people are changing jobs in this economy. One of the biggest gainers of new workers is in the hospitality industry. Besides cooks, restaurants, hotels and resorts need experienced managers to handle the day to day operation of their establishment. Running a restaurant is not easy. There are numerous things that can (and do) go wrong every day. Restaurants and hotels have a high turnover in employees, so hiring is a constant problem. They also have peak activity times as well as slow times, so scheduling is a big concern. Most managers these days are getting bachelor's degrees in hospitality management in order to advance their careers faster.

A lot of art majors are taking their careers practically and are turning towards producing commercial design work and less towards producing art in a studio. Graphic arts can be a really fun career if you have the necessary art skills.

And if you are planning on making a career in the finance, marketing or management areas, going on to earn a master's degree in business can really give your resume a knee up on the competition. Earning an MBA isn't easy, but it can be a great career booster.

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